From Calabria to Los Angeles: an unexpected journey

Welcome everybody to my first article at the Los Angeles (LA) session on !

I am so excited to tell you about my story and my experiences. I am from Italy and I’ve arrived in LA 3 weeks ago, thus everything is new and I am still exploring the city, the system, the environment and the people.Nancy Los Angeles

Let me talk a little bit about my story. I was born in a very little town in the south of Italy, around 3000 citizens more or less. I have spent there my first 19 years. I have grown up under a familiar and warm sun, surrounded by the love of my family and of my amazing grandparents, by their country life, their chickens, their dogs, their rabbits, their trees, and their vineyards, and the country, a lot of green and wild country. However, 3000 people were too less for such a curious girl, and the more I was growing up the more I was needing to explore the world. I couldn’t wait any longer, thus, soon after the highschool, I have been moving to Rome for my University studies.

I was so excited about exploring such a huge city:  around 4 millions people on 5.300 km²! Numbers that my brain could’t even imagine before!

I have spent in Rome 11 years of my life, a very long time, since I feel a half Roman, and Rome is one among the places that I really feel as my home. A lot of books, and friends, and parties, and exams, and courses, and happy hours, and pizzas, and hangovers, and laughs, and many other amazing things that even listed all together are still not enough to describe how Rome is beautiful, and how much I love that.

Italy is an amazing place, and Rome over all is one of the most amazing cities in whole the World.

And now, after have been spending 1 year searching for the best place where finding a job, I found that, in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles and its people are very different from Rome, from Italy, and from italian people. I am experiencing new habits, new cultures, a lot of different cultures at the same time, since LA is the most multicultural city I have ever been (maybe less then New York, which I have never visited…).

Anyway, LA, as its people love to call the city, really surprised me. I was expecting a chaotic place, full of people and traffic, neon lights everywhere, and a lot noise. Nothing could be farther from Los Angeles. Maybe I was imagining something more similar to what Las Vegas is… I am blaming the movies!

I am starting a journey with you, from Italy to the USA, by way of Rome, California and Los Angeles, and I am gonna share with you my feeling as well as my experiences, hopfully those could help you, or even capture your interest.

From LA,

with Love


Nancy, for OnesAbroad


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