The weird California weather: Dr Jackill and Mr Hide

The first things that people learn about California are mostly about the California weather, the sun and the beaches. California is world wide recognized as a warm place where one could surf along all the year: no seasons, no winter, no rain, only summer… Paradise!

That’s why, while I was looking for an apartment, I was pretty surprised in finding places provided with the fire place and with duvet on the bed. Before coming in Los Angeles I thought that was only a fad. I have arrived here late in March and it was pretty warm along the day, but walking in the city I found some strange things again. The people outfit was totally nonsensical in respect to what I was used to: in the same moment I was able to meet someone wearing the coat, someone other only a T-shirt, and sometimes I was able to see both those things on the same person, such as someone wearing the flip flops and the sweater, or furry boats and a vest.

The first day in Los Angeles, after 6 pm I have seen.the weird california weather

The California weather is a bit weird. It is often sunny, and the rare raining days quickly become the most important event of the entire month. The temperature quickly rises after the sunrise, and along the day it is usually warm or also very hot, but, until May, the temperature turn down very fast in the afternoon. Some days that lowers 10° in a few hours. That’s why people outfit was so weird too: one could be leaving his/her home in the morning and be coming back in the night, thus needs to be able to front all the jumps in temperature along the day! Moreover, sometimes there is a little wind and a jacket might help.

Everybody in LA has 1 or 2 duvets on the bed and some people use to turn on the heating system early in the morning, and, to be honest, it is really helpful, more than I would have expected.

On the other hand, please be careful with the sun, which is very strong and could easly burn your skin without you to notice.

Anyway, if one is careful during that weird period, after that the California weather is beautiful. I think it’s the most beautiful in the world, as compared with many of the others industrialized countries. But, you know, it’s my opinion. Some people love the winter and hate the summer, and you might be one among them. However, the nicest LA hallmark is that in 1 hour you could reach the mountains to go skiing!

From the LA summertime,

with Love

Nancy for OnesAbroad

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