San Diego…beach and sun, what’s more?

Hi everybody!

This is my first time with a blog but since I moved recently in San Diego  from Italy, I would like to tell my story to other people and, most importantly, I would like to help other people in my same situation! Indeed, looking on internet before I left from Italy, I noticed that very few information are available on San Diego.

San Diego is a wonderful place, perfect for people who loves sea and beach.

The impression I had the first week was to live in a VIP place!

The houses are amazing: it’s quite impossible to find a house without a swimming pool, a spa and sometimes also gym or tennis court!

To be clear, I’m from a little village in Italy but I spent the last 9 years in Rome, where I was living in the University area, characterized by old and expensive houses.

In San Diego, I’m living in the University area as well (the UTC area, close to the UCSD) but it is not comparable with Rome! In my place there are 3 swimming pool with 3 SPA and a tennis court…and it is suppose to be a student place! Nice the life for student in SD!!! Moreover, the beach is very close to the University so during the weekend you can enjoy the ocean and surf.
So what it’s better than the California to work/study and enjoy the time?!?

sunset in San Diego

Obviously I’m far from my family and my friends so that makes me feel sad but I’ve found a good way to avoid depression in San Diego: LOOK AT THE SUNSET ON THE OCEAN!

Trust me, it is beneficial for the mood if you do that at least once a week…

I wanted to begin with an eulogy to San Diego to explain the beauty of this place which, however, has also some negative aspect, but I will have time to tell you about them.
I hope this blog is going to begin a place where I can tell you my feeling and my experience, in order to help people in their new life here.

See you…

Valeria for OnesAbroad

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