Autumn in Pittsburgh

Hi, I’m Ale and I lived in Pittsburgh for two years working in research field. Now I’m back in my beloved Rome. Let’s start together to discover PittsburgDSC_0136h!

Pittsburgh is a typical continental small city. It is also called the Steel city and they are unusually proud of this nickname. Since Pitt was born as a huge steel-mill one can imagine why it is mainly grey. It seems it will be hard to make you enjoy this city.
Here the Winter can be VERY VERY long (like 6 months form November to May, yes, I said May!) and VERY cold (-30 Celsius). During the last two Winters the Monongahela river froze and it is a spectacular view. The Summer is generally short (1 month more or less) and can be hot (+30 Celsius) but not wet, thus you are not going to burn as in Rome with the same temperature. The Summer can also be more like an Autumn, mainly rainy. Thus, first lesson: don’t trust season in Pittsburgh.

Which is the most beautiful season in Pitt? Somebody told me the Spring, maybe because streets and public places are filled of many different flowers, that not rarely freeze and are changed until May arrives, and Spring break also occurs. I want to say that my preferred season is Autumn, when threes show vivid red, orange and yellow colors which I have never seen in Italy. Autumn in Pittsburgh becomes spectacular in the huge parks of the city (Shenley, Frick and Highland Parks ), where you can have nice long walks in September.

Talking with you, I have realized I have a lot of tips I’m able to give you about leaving and travelling in/to Pittsburgh. We will enjoy together the discovery of this part of the U.S! See you.


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