Getting used to the American Coffee: the point of no return

I have been thinking at “how to write this article” for a few weeks. An entire article by talking about coffe could sound wierd and boring, but I think that getting used to the American Coffee is not only something about coffe.

As I told you in the last “episode”, about finding an italian espresso in Los Angeles, because I am Italian I love and I need having an italian espresso in my daily life. Thus, after figuring out that I am not in my Country of origin, and that I cannot expect to find here the same quality in those foods and drinks that are not tipically “american”, I decided to give up and to be more open-minded.

At first I was greatly impressed by their weird habit to take this big mug of coffee early in the morning and to bring that everywhere keeping on drinking all the time along the day.

This habit is something very emblematic getting used to the american coffeof the USA and of Los Angeles. When I arrived here, the first thing that I got by my Employer after the contract signature was a bottle to bring my water around the campus: just for you to figure out how much “be drinking every now and then” is a symbol of Los Angeles.

Getting used to the american coffee is not only about coffee then, it is something about the culture, the habits of the US people.

For an italian person, getting used to the american coffee is something very emblematic as well. Most of the time the coffee is not the best one. It is often a brown slightly coffee-tasting drink, but I was impressed by this habit to drink everywhere, not only the coffee but anything: from flavoured water (another story that I am gonna tell you soon!) to tea and other drinkable stuff that I don’t even know. The true is that, because I don’t like that slight coffee taste, I started to make my american coffee by my self: I bought the filters, the american coffee, the disposable mugs, and I started to bring my coffee at work in the morning as a real Los “Angelina”, or to be drinking my coffee while I am working in the afternoon.

What I figured out and what I want to share with you is that coming in a new Country trying to find the things we are “used to” is simply a waste of our time. The most successful behaviour, I think, is try to discover what this new and foreign place can give us and get used to those things, while preserving our personality and our culture, but without keeping on feeling as “strangers” ever and ever.

Now I am discovering this new stranger Country as an open-minded person, but as I am open-minded, thus I am not blind, I cannot aknowledge that their coffee is really tasty for me, thus I started to improve what I learnt.

The end of the story is that now I drink my italian espresso in the morning, at home, where thanks to my espresso machine I can have a good espresso, and in the meanwhile I am also getting used to the american coffee in the afternoon, by making a coffe and enjoying a break with my collegues or be drinking my coffee at the desk!

Suggestion of the day: Don’t be blind. Be open, be free, be happy. Enjoy the news and the differences.


Nancy for OnesAbroad

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