Where to go in Rome: day 1 – Central Area

Are you planning to visit Rome?

Rome is of course an amazing city, but as it is one of the most visited cities in the world, going there without getting advices on where to go in Rome can make your trip too much for tourist.

Since I spent in Rome the last ten years, I decided to write this article to help you guys to better plan your trip in Rome.

Where to go in Rome for a historical 1 day trip (or 1st day!):coliseum-1068965_1920

Of course all the central area is a must if you wanna know where to go in Rome, and of course you wanna visit that for first in your trip, but in the meanwhile that you go around for monuments and shopping stores don’t forget that Italy is the most amazing place for the food in the world!

I decided to include some stops by the way: places I would stop by if I was there!

The central area, as you can easily see on a map, extends from Colosseo to Piazza del Popolo, passing by Via dei Fori Imperiali (where you can see the Ancient city remains), Piazza Venezia, the Campidoglio (right on the left of piazza Venezia) and Via del Corso.rome-1246292_1280

By walking on Via del Corso you can find lots of shopping stores and bars and pizzerie, and you can easily reach some other important places just turning on either right or left and walking a few minutes: 1) the Pantheon, 2) Piazza di Spagna and 3) Fontana di Trevi (passing by Via Condotti, which is a famous and very expensive shopping road), 4) the Pincio (a terrace inside the park called 5) Villa Borghese where you can see the beautiful city skyline including San Pietro).

vittorio-emanuele-monument-298412_1920Unfortunately, most of the bars and restaurants in the central area are mainly for tourists, but there are some places where you wanna go:

For an ice cream:

Giolitti, close to via del Corso, a very typical roman place

Il Gelato di San Crispino, close to Fontana di Trevi, a very special one, also cited by The Times as you can read on their doorrome-1213549_1920

Grom, close to Via del Corso, a franchising which only uses fresh and high quality seasoned ingredients

For a happy hour:

-Take a look around Colosseo and Colle Oppio (the little hill right in front of it), where there are some terraces and bars where you can have a drink or a dinner watching the Colosseo

Gusto, between Via del Corso and the Ara Pacis, a franchising but good and frequented by italians

Os Club, close to the Colosseo, where there is often a DJ set after the happy hours

-Let’s just take some pieces of pizza on one of the pizzerie al taglio (=pizza in pieces) on Via del Corso and go eating by sitting on the stairs of Piazza di Spagna!

…stay tuned for the next tour: where to go in Rome – Trastevere!


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